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Ledge Global Transport

Company Overview

Our experience in all the fields we serve in, and the range of services we provide, makes us one of the most comprehensive logistic service providers in the nation.

We deliver as per agreed specifications and standards; in quality, budget and time thus building durable partnerships with our clients. Consult our previous and current portfolios and client reviews.

Our management and technical personnel’s have over 9 years of reputable and credible record in their various domain of specialization.


Mail: info@ledgeglobaltransport.com

Our mission is to Give you
Good Services

Ledge Global Transport is  100% fast and reliable when shipping is concern.


We check each and every aspect related to the transfer of your goods and services. In cases of Pet relocation and transportation, our objective is not only to make your furry friend travel in the best possible way but also to make him/her travel as a VIP (Very Important Pet!).

World’s Leading Contract Logistics Provider